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About our company

The Beatrise Ltd company it is the collective of a new formation and professional orientation of its investment actions. Beatrise Ltd - it is three years of successful practical application of the unique cryptotrading technologies based on use of superfast lines of exchange of information with servers and databases of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges of the world and active use of the cryptotraders team experience of Beatrise Ltd at having the unique trade strategy in combination with effective and competent using of intellectual monitoring programs, which are strengthening expected effect from the applied trading strategy in real time and dynamically changing of the stock quotations on the main cryptocurrency exchange assets.

Investment offers from our company
Plan Percent: 1.65 Daily
Plan Terms: Days
Min - Max Deposit: $25.00 - $1600.00
Total Return: Total Return
Plan Percent: 12.30 Weekly
Plan Terms: Days
Min - Max Deposit: $10.00 - $7100.00
Total Return: Total Return
Plan Percent: 14.00 Bi Weekly
Plan Terms: Days
Min - Max Deposit: $100.00 and more
Total Return: Total Return
Services for Clients

The risk-free investments are guaranteed by unique technological and logistics solutions from our company.


The high level of net profit from enclosed investments at the minimum special knowledge of the client about of cryptotrading.


You can earn together with us from any point of the world. We're always nearby, we are always ready to cooperate with each our client.


Investments in the Beatrise Ltd company - a full guarantee of profit obtaining and absence of the investment risks associated with the contribution process.


Modern methods of databases security and protection of the website against hacker attacks it are priority tasks which are carried out by our company.


We always are in the stand by mode in order to provide own help and support to any client of the company, who need it.

Our advantages and offers
Accuracy solutions

Your investments will work all the time, relying only on effective and competent investment management.

Client's office

Personalisation of each client and abidance of full confidentiality of performed financial operations.

High-quality service

Individual approach to each company client of and providing of full information about of the performed transactions.

Favorable deposits

Our investment offers are most adapted for investors from around the world and don't demand special knowledge.

The best experts

The best experts in the cryptotrading branch are managing by your investments, which work for your wellbeing.

Innovative approach

The latest achievements in cryptocurrency trading are directed to profit generating for the Beatrise Ltd clients.

Latest news
Oct-20-2016 02:50:07 AM

We invite everyone to take part in the presentation of Beatrise in Kharkiv.

Oct-16-2016 08:18:29 AM

Dear investors and partners, the Ukrainian language is now available on our website.

Sep-28-2016 05:45:40 AM

Dear investors and partners, we suggest you watch the video report from presentation of Beatrise in Ukraine on our YouTube channel.

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